Engineers and IT professionals use creativity, analytical skills and scientific understanding to make a better world.

Our graduate programs offer depth, breadth and flexibility to a world-class curriculum that is informed by real world, problem-based learning, industry experience and a generous program of scholarships for both local and international students.

Cutting-edge interdisciplinary research is conducted with a range of partners from academia, government and leading industry names to address some of society’s critical problems.

Engineering & IT current students

The Melbourne School of Engineering appreciates the value of fostering strong relationships with our alumni, donors, industry, government and the wider community.

We are committed to transforming the world we live in through innovative research, encouraging entrepreneurship, and by providing a world-class education that reflects the needs of our domestic and global community.

We invite all friends and supporters of the Melbourne School of Engineering to engage with us and help us to continue being Australia’s leading engineering and IT school.

The Melbourne School of Engineering (MSE) is the leading provider of engineering and IT education in Australia.

For over 150 years the Melbourne School of Engineering has done amazing things that have benefited society and the economy and we want to contribute even more.

We are creating the entrepreneurial leaders and amazing technology of the future — the people and things that will drive innovation and productivity to make a sustainable impact on the world in which we live.

With our world class research capabilities and deep engagement with industry, studying engineering and IT at the Melbourne School of Engineering is the key to your brilliant future career.