Engineering is all around us, everywhere you look there are products, devices, infrastructure and services that are made by engineers.

Engineers use creativity, analytical skills and technical know-how, to design, build and manage the constructed and technological world. They make life work the way we know it, and in ways we are yet to imagine.

Engineers have the power to make a real impact on our world. As an engineer, you could be at the forefront of building technical solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems, like water scarcity, clean energy and sustainable living.

From the food we eat to the robots we may one day keep, there is engineering behind it all.

What could you make as an engineer?

Marite Cheng


One look at Marita’s career shows you’re never too young to start changing the world.  

Summing up Marita Cheng in a sentence is no easy task, but ‘world-changing tech entrepreneur’ comes close. At just 27 years old, Marita is the founder and CEO of 2Mar Robotics, which is all about robots that help us in our day-to-day life and the world. Her latest project is what she describes as “a robot called

Teleport, which allows people to visit a person or place instantly through telepresence”. Teleport has the potential to help with eldercare, people with disabilities, telecommuters, sick kids … the list goes on and on. Teleport is affordable and allows your lifestyle to be more green, agile, and flexible.

Marita was also named the 2012 Young Australian of the Year for work as the founder and director of Robogals, which now teaches 50,000 girls from nine countries about careers in technology. She’s also appeared on Q&A on ABC, and alongside Ashton Kutcher on Levono’s #TechMyWay. She’s doing incredible things, and she wants you to join her. “I don’t want young women to sit at the sidelines—I want them to get involved in creating the future!”

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The world is a beautiful piece of engineering I could never have imagined that the opportunities would be so vast!


Leigh Johnston is a brainiac. Seriously.

I was convinced I was going to be a physicist, but my mum suggested I keep my options open for engineering. Luckily Leigh did, because her work in engineering helps her develop technologies that will save a lot of lives in the future.

When she’s not teaching biomedical students at university Leigh works on machines that can take 3D images of a person’s brain activity. This technology is being used, for example, to attempt to communicate with patients in comas. Sound intriguing? Leigh wants you to join her. Society needs engineers who can design creative and sustainable solutions to problems.

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I love that I’m constantly challenged by new problems to solve.
Leigh Johnston
Anita Pax


Anita Pax’s career is pretty cheesy.

You know that cheese you get on your pizza? The stretchy and gooey mozzarella? You might not believe it, but food-focused engineers work on getting that structure of cheese perfect every time. One of those engineers is Anita.

Anita works with dairy manufacturers to improve cheese-making processes. “I use microscopes to understand the structure of cheese and predict how the cheese will behave on a pizza, including how it melts and stretches.” She loves cheese, and part of her testing involves making pizzas. “I have always loved food and science, so it seemed like a logical choice to combine them in a food engineering area.”

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Engineering contributes in some way to almost everything around us, including the food we eat!

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