Internships allow companies to take on high-achieving students on short-term contracts to assist with specific projects or general workload. It is also an opportunity for students to apply their technical knowledge to a workplace environment and to further develop skills such as teamwork and project management in a workplace.

Is an internship right for my organisation?

Placements involve up to 350 hours of work over a 10–15 week period at your premises. The student will work as if they were regular employee and you, or your staff, will supervise their daily workload. Internships can be either paid or unpaid placements.

 Only our highest-achieving final year students are eligible to participate in the Internship program. This ensures that you will be taking on a student who can make a meaningful and knowledgeable contribution to your organisation. The University can advertise your internship to eligible students but you can interview and select your preferred candidate in line with your requirements.

 Internships are an opportunity for you to guide the next generation of industry professionals and, if you are looking to hire in the future, a chance to preview potential future graduate employees. Each student will be allocated a dedicated Academic Supervisor who will be available to liaise with companies to ensure a successful internship.

If you are interested in engaging our students on a project, but feel an internship is not right for your organisation, our Student Industry Projects provide opportunity to oversee the design or research of a non-critical project by our students which, when completed, can be used by your organisation.

Hosting an internship

The University can provide advice on proposed position descriptions, advertise your position, shortlist suitable students and work with you to ensure that you select the most suitable student for your needs.

Prior to undertaking Internships, all students complete a general occupational health and safety and professional conduct induction. The University’s Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance covers liability for the University and any of its students in relation to internships. Host organisations will be asked to sign the University’s standard Professional Placement Letter Agreement [54kb PDF], which contains the terms and conditions under which we establish internships.

To submit an internship position see our Internship Listing Form.

Further information

Intership: Host Company Guidelines, Melbourne School of Engineering [809kb PDF]


Yann Burden
Yann Burden
CEO, Billcap

The internship program gave Billcap the opportunity to work with motivated students who were able to add real value from day one. The internship team at the University of Melbourne understood the constraints facing businesses and ensured the process was simple and transparent from end to end. We look forward to continue working with the University and their talented students.