Medical Countermeasures

Both the civilian and defence sectors have a keen interest in medical countermeasures against existing and emerging biological and chemical threats nationally and internationally.

Crucial aspects of dealing with biological pathogens or chemical weapons are detection and rapid response. National health authorities must have ready access to the medical countermeasure products needed to deal with a host of dangerous pathogens and agents when they become active, whether the result of natural causes or malicious intent.

Detection research includes applying data mining and machine learning technologies to develop systems that can identify and track the onset of diseases that may result from contact with biological agents or chemical contaminants, but which might not become evident for days or even weeks.

We also have extensive expertise in the science and practical aspects of medical countermeasures. The Melbourne Biomedical Precinct is a leading global research and teaching powerhouse and one of the top-five biomedical precincts in the world.  It includes the operation of a high containment laboratory and clinical facilities as part of the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity. Precinct partners also share a formidable history of relevant groundbreaking medical discoveries and developments.

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