Integrated Computational Materials Engineering

Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) is an emerging discipline that is transforming and accelerating the development of new materials with improved functionality.

It uses the predictive modelling of materials across length and timescales, which enables the virtual design of new materials and products.

The modelling links composition with manufacturing process, incorporating atomic interactions, the development of microstructure and the prediction of properties for the material and the component.

The ICME approach integrates experimentally validated design codes to minimise the dependence on physical experimentation, which accelerates the use of new materials and components into advanced products and systems. It can be can be applied to all materials systems, including metals and alloys, plastics, ceramics, composites for structural applications, and functional materials for biological, electronic and energy applications.

The University of Melbourne leads the development and application of ICME in conjunction with the Defence Science and Technology Group of the Australian Department of Defence.

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Professor Graham Schaffer