Autonomous Systems

The Melbourne Information, Decision and Autonomous Systems (MIDAS) Laboratory at The University of Melbourne provides a multidisciplinary research collaboration at the forefront of autonomous systems research for use in defence and more general civilian applications.

It brings together researchers from the Melbourne School of Engineering, in automation, control systems, analytics, machine learning and system optimisation. This provides expertise in both fundamental algorithmic development, as well as the advanced functionality of technologies such as autonomous vehicles and unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs), defence systems, robotics aerodynamic systems and vehicle powertrains.

UAVs in particular offer opportunities to improve the economics and the safety of operations in hostile environments. Our research will underpin development of technologies for the control systems and infrastructure of UAVs, investigating fundamental and practical challenges posed by this technology.

Our technical capability is complemented by research support from the Melbourne Law School and the Faculty of Science, investigating the legal and social implications of autonomous technology.

We are supported by local and international industry partnerships and government agencies, and draw on these relationships to drive fundamental research and break new ground.

More information:

Chris Manzie
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