Design Masters

About Designmasters

DesignMasters challenges students to think up new and innovative ways of using technology to connect people and solve problems.

We are seeking teams of up to four students who want to think about how to improve society with innovative thinking. The ideal team should include different skills — perhaps a talent for visual design, an understanding of how people think, or a curiosity about how organisations work.

Entries are limited to a total of ten teams, so an early expression of interest is advisable.

Who can participate?

High school students from across Australia. Teachers are invited to enter teams of three in either the junior division (years 7–9) or senior division (years 10–12).


9.00am – 2.00pm Thursday 15 March 2018

The Challenge

How can the public find out about their community and its history through the museums and galleries of Victoria?

Focusing on a specific group or addressing a general need, we are encouraging students to consider how modern mobile technologies might help improve the public’s access to our heritage. Students can choose to approach this challenge from different perspectives, such as ease-of-access, or by enhancing the quality of understanding or enjoyment that our museums and galleries can provide.

To help teams get started, we’ve created some thinking material that will be available after the application process. On the day, we will set an additional challenge to test students’ design thinking. We want to encourage students to think “outside the box” and look for alternative approaches.

The rules

The design challenge details will be given at the start of the competition in print.

Communication devices may not be used in any way during this competition. This includes Internet-enabled devices (switch off Wi-Fi on your laptops). You may not use a mobile phone for any purpose, including as a dictionary, calculator, etc.

Judges may inspect any devices used by the teams during and after the competition. If you have sensitive data that you do not want the judges to see, do not bring it with you to the competition.

Teams that attempt to circumvent the "no-internet" rule by pre-downloading online material and storing it locally (for example, libraries of past problems and solutions in similar competitions, Wikipedia pages, and so on) will be penalised at the judges’ discretion.

Reference material directly related to your current school studies is permitted. Teachers accompanying teams may be asked to verify that data on a student’s computing device is related to their school work, and has not been downloaded specifically for the competition.

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