Master of Engineering (Spatial)

3 years full-time, Parkville — Domestic and International students. CRICOS code: 069275C

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to apply online?

    You may either apply online, through an overseas representative:

  • Why do I need to supply an Academic Transcript with subjects completed by year and semester?

    Your most up-to-date academic transcript(s) must be submitted with your application so that we can calculate a University of Melbourne equivalent GPA for entry into your program.

    Transcripts should be submitted with a grading scheme indicating any grades (e.g. A, B, C, etc.) and their respective marks or range (e.g. A = 90–100, B = 80–89).

  • I’m a University of Melbourne student. Do I need to submit my transcripts?

    University of Melbourne students do not need to submit a transcript. Please ensure that you use your student ID to lodge an application, so that we can access your results.

  • Why do I need to supply syllabus/subject outline with my application?

    Applicants for the Master of Engineering must provide a detailed syllabus or subject description for all technical or engineering subjects completed in their undergraduate degree. This enables the academic coordinator to assess for credit (advanced standing), which will be awarded at the time of application and outlined in the offer letter.

    You should also submit a detailed subject description for all pre-requisite subjects, for example, tertiary-level maths and science.

    Applications for the Master of Engineering without a detailed syllabus or subject description will not be assessed.

    Download: Syllabus example [RTF file]

    University of Melbourne students do not need to submit a copy of their syllabus.

  • I am enrolled in a University of Melbourne course and want to transfer to another course.

    If you are currently enrolled in an Engineering or IT course and wish to transfer to another Engineering or IT course you need to complete a new online application for admission.

    Students wishing to transfer are only able to start the new course in the next available semester and must meet all entry requirements for the new course, including achieving a GPA of 65% in their current course.

    For more information visit Stop 1 in person or via email

  • What if I submit multiple course preferences?

    Applicants who submit multiple preferences will be assessed in the order of preference. Make sure you include your preference when you submit your application.

    We will assess the first preference and will only assess the second (or additional preferences) if you do not receive an offer into the your first preference.

  • What if I want to change my course preference or order of preferences?

    You are able to change your preference up until the following dates:

    • Semester 1 entry: 30 December
    • Semester 2 entry: 30 May

    You can change your course preference by:

    • submitting a new application online, prior to the application closing date,
    • you can email us:

    Note: An outcome letter may take up to six weeks. Please consider this when deciding on whether to change your preference as it may impact on your ability to arrange your visa, enrol on time, and/or enrol in the classes of your choice.

  • How do I accept my offer?

    Once you have received your unconditional offer to study at the University of Melbourne you should complete the personalised acceptance form and return it to University at the address shown on the form.

    For further information see Get Started at Melbourne.

  • Can I be considered for a different course after receiving an offer?

    You are able to change your preference after you receive an offer up until the following dates:

    • Semester 1 entry: 30 December
    • Semester 2 entry: 30 May
  • Can I accept a conditional offer?

    You are unable to accept a conditional offer.

    You are unable to accept a conditional offer. You are only able to accept your offer when you have met conditions of your offer and received an unconditional offer letter plus a personalised acceptance form.

    If you have any questions about meeting conditions of your offer, email us:

  • Can I defer an offer?

    If you wish to defer your offer please complete the online Application to Defer Form.

    Note: If you defer you will be bound by the fees and fee policy applicable to the year in which you commence study, which may be different to the fees and policy enclosed in your original offer package.

    In accordance with the regulations of this University, you are not permitted to undertake another tertiary course whilst on deferral from the University of Melbourne.

    You can defer your program up until the census date. If you have already started your program and the census date as passed then you need to apply for a Leave of Absence.

    If you have any further questions about deferring your offer email us to discuss your deferral options:

  • How do I decline the offer?

    Follow the instructions on your offer letter if you wish to decline your offer.

    Alternatively advise us of your decision:

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