Bachelor of Science (Mechatronic Systems Major)

3 years full-time, Parkville — Domestic and International students. CRICOS code: 002153M

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Course Description

What is Mechatronic Engineering?

Mechatronics is the discipline concerned with the integration of mechanical, electronic and software engineering.

Mechatronics is an exciting field because it combines the knowledge and skills of these three engineering disciplines. A detailed understanding of how mechanical, electronic and software engineering areas interact enables the development of ‘smart’ products and systems such as computer-controlled robots, washing machines, automotive equipment, medical imaging systems, wind and wave generators, advanced CNC machines and hybrid and electric vehicles. Mechatronics has applications in a range of fields, including robotics, medical and assistive technology, human-machine interaction, manufacturing, unmanned aerial vehicles and education.

How to study Mechatronic Engineering

1. Undergraduate study: Bachelor of Science (3 years)

Complete any of:

For more information, visit the Bachelor of Science website.

2. Graduate study: Master of Engineering (2 years)

To graduate as a Mechatronic Engineer with professional accreditation, you must complete the Master of Engineering (Mechatronics).

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Mechatronic Engineering Career Pathways [PDF]

Career outcomes

Mechatronics can lead to a wide variety of interesting careers, such as developing ‘smart’ products and systems in various industries. Job opportunities exist with companies that use advanced automation equipment and computer integrated manufacturing systems, in fields such as aerospace, advanced manufacturing, product development, computing and electronics, software systems, mining, renewable energy and biomedical engineering for companies like Bosch, Honeywell, CNC Design, Ford, ResMed, Siemens, BAE Systems and Invetech Australia.

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