How to Enter

Before You Register

Ensure you have read the Contest Rules before registering, which include eligibility details. These form the terms and conditions of the contest. By submitting an application to enter, applicants will be deemed to have declared themselves in accordance with these terms and conditions, and in acceptance of the Contest Rules, as detailed on the contest website.

We also recommend that you:

  • Read the Contest Schedule and take note of the deadlines
  • Visit the Spaghetti Workshop page to learn about what it takes to build a machine successfully
  • Ensure you’ve got the people, space, time, and financial resources (if required) to make your participation in the contest viable
  • Ensure that you will be able to transport both your machine and enough team members to set up and operate it to the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus for the judging event.

Places in the competition are limited, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us:

How to Enter

  • Entry for the Contest is via online registration. As part of the online registration applicants will be asked to provide the name and address of their school, the name and contact details (email, phone) of a nominated staff supervisor for the team, the number of students expected in the team, and a declaration of agreement to abide by the contest rules as detailed on the contest website.
  • Entries open at 9am on Monday 3 February and close at 5pm on Wednesday 5 February 2014.
  • A maximum of 50 teams will be accepted in the 2014 contest. Schools whose teams completed the build period and participated in the judging event in previous years will receive an automatic place, should they register again in 2014, in recognition of their achievement in previous years. After these schools, all teams registering for 2014 will be accepted into the competition as Successful Registrants in the order in which registrations are received online, via the registration page.
  • There is no registration fee for school teams wishing to take part in the Contest, however please also bear in mind that incidental costs to the team/school may arise (materials, transport, etc) depending on your team/project and its needs.


As Contest coordinator and promoter, The Melbourne School of Engineering will treat all personal information obtained through the Contest in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Teams consent to the publication of their names, school and photographs on the Melbourne School of Engineering website, in the course of reporting on, or promoting, this year’s Contest now and in the future. Photographs taken at the Contest may be used in promotional materials developed by the University of Melbourne.