Towards dexterous robotic hand neuroprosthesis

Project description

The project aims to explore and realise dexterous use of motorised prostheses, with a current focus on the upper limb / hand. It seeks to exploit an interdisciplinary approach to combine new techniques in robotics, human-machine interface and advances in surgical techniques. The project is carried out in close collaboration with St Vincent's Hospital and has been fortunate to receive the financial support of the Valma Angliss Trust.

The project is part of a larger national initiative with a network of international collaborators. Specific topics that are being investigated in our team are:

  • dexterous in-hand object manipulation for myoelectrically driven prostheses
  • design and evaluation of robust underactuated non-anthropomorphic prostheses
  • feedback mechanisms in prostheses.

Some media coverage includes the article on the Herald Sun in May 2016 with the accompanying national television news. 



Project team

Leader: Denny Oetomo

Staff: Denny Oetomo, Chris Manzie ,Ying Tan

Students: Wenceslao Shaw-Cortez, Ricardo Garcia-Rosas, Yixuan Sun, Prakash Mallick, Jack Hopper

Collaborators: Peter Choong (MDHS), St Vincent's Hospital, Jim Lavranos (Caufield Hospital)

Sponsors: Valma Angliss Trust

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biomedical engineering; brain-machine interface; medical bionics