Sustainable use of stabilised biosolids as an engineering fill in embankments

Project description

This project will study the use of biosolids as an engineering fill for embankments, using extensive experimental and numerical modelling techniques. Biosolids are by-products of the wastewater treatment processes and are treated as a waste that currently has no engineering applications. This project will develop theories for this new geomaterial and numerical models for the prediction of settlement, biodegradation and consolidation of biosolids when stabilised with additives and recycled materials, and thus set the basis to allow the use of this otherwise waste material. Extension of soil mechanics theories to develop new knowledge in Biosolid Geomechanics will enhance the ability to work with biosolids in a more rational way.

Project team

Leader: Guillermo Narsilio

Collaborators: Arul Arulrajah (Swinburne University of Technology), Mahdi Disfani (Swinburne University of Technology)

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civil infrastructure; geotechnical engineering; numerical modelling; sustainable cities