Self-Healing Maps: protecting maps through automatic updating processes

Project description

Our ability to sense the environment in real-time dramatically exceeds our ability to automatically and reliably integrate mapped data. The quality assurance of map data is a lengthy process, leading either to outdated or low integrity maps. Emergency responders, traffic services and the public then act on map data that cause delays and disturbances. This project aims to expand our ability to automatically integrate real-time data in map databases of high integrity. It intends to deliver self-healing mechanisms inspired by the human immune system, enabling adaptive and autonomous protection of maps from the insertions of erroneous or malicious data, and the detection and correction of inconsistencies.

Project team

Leader: Stephan Winter

Staff: Martin Tomko, Abbas Rajabifard, Kourosh Khoshelham, Mohsen Kalantari

Collaborators: Allison Kealy (RMIT University)

Sponsors: ARC

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data mining; geodesy; geomatics; spatial data infrastructure; spatial information