Precision Timekeeping Infrastructure: bridging the hardware/software divide

Project description

Accurate time is essential for critical services from telecommunications to banking, and increasingly, must be performed with software clocks within computers, using hardware clocks accessed over the Internet. This project with Symmetricom Inc. will bridge the hardware/software divide to deliver reliable and cost effective access to precise timing. 

The project builds on the existing testbed and RADclock capabilities with the broader SyncLab project.  Its focus is on working to brings software based timekeeping on a LAN (Local Area Network) down to the 1 microsecond level.


Project team

Leader: Julien Ridoux

Staff: Julien Ridoux, Darryl Veitch

Collaborators: Matthew Davis

Sponsors: ARC, Symmetricom

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Research Centre

Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society (IBES)


Computing and Information Systems,Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Networks and data in society


Clock Synchronisation; communications and networks; Internet technologies; Network Measurements