Porous media research laboratory

Project description

Natural and manmade materials such as soils, rocks, concrete, foams and even biological tissues can be studied as porous media. Our research efforts focus on the fundamental understanding of soil behaviour and porous media related phenomena.
We address the electro-chemo-mechanical aspects of fine grained soils, and the thermo-hydro-mechanical aspects of coarse-grained soils. We intend to decipher the links between particle-level scale and macroscale behaviour.

Our findings will be significant to applications in mining and petroleum engineering, environmental engineering, soil science and geotechnology.

Currently, there are opportunities to get involved in projects within this research area including:

  • Soil parameter estimation based on 3D imaging
  • Fundamental theoretical investigation of the chemo-mechanical properties of clay
  • Limitations in the laboratory determination of chloride diffusion coefficients in cement-based materials
  • Ventriculomegaly poro-mechanics: realistic numerical modeling using neuroimaging

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Project team

Leader: Guillermo Narsilio

Collaborators: Tae-Sup Yun (Yonsei University - Korea) David Smith (UWA) Peter Pivonka (UWA)

Other projects

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Optimisation of resources and infrastructure


brain; geotechnical engineering