New frontiers in ultra-wideband electro-optic measurement technologies

Project description

Emerging applications such as wireless communications, medical bionics and medical imaging are being developed to exploit higher frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, with non-invasive methods for precise measurement of electric fields becoming paramount for engineers and designers of such systems. With recent advances in photonics, it is possible to conceive novel systems with significantly improved sensitivities over the presently available methods. The primary aim of this project is to develop novel high resolution non-invasive electro-optic techniques capable of measuring relatively weak electric fields with an ultra-wideband of frequencies with greater spatial resolution and enhanced accuracy.

Project team

Leader: Christina Lim

Staff: Ampalavanapillai Nirmalathas, Alan Ka-Lun Lee

Students: Banie Abeywickrama, Benoit Gouhier

Collaborators: Sheng-Chyan Lee (University Tun Abdul Rahman, Malaysia)

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Electro-optic sampling; health and bioinformatics; optical networks