Modelling the human nervous system with human pluripotent stem cells.

Project description

The human nervous system is one of the most complex structures evolved to date. In order to understand how it functions, and dysfunctions in a diseased state, it is fundamental to decipher how it develops to generate various neuronal populations that form this elaborate network. Human stem cells provide a valuable source to study such processes. Our aim is to use human stem cells to study how early progenitor cell types that structure the nervous system are generated and how their neuronal derivatives form connectivity and functional synapses. The outcome of these studies is that we will establish a cellular model of human neurogenesis that can be utilized to study developmental disease processes. 

Project team

Leader: Mirella Dottori

Collaborators: Stan Skafidas (Centre for Neural Engineering), Steve Petrou (Centre for Neural Engineering)

Sponsors: ARC Future Fellowship

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cell development; neural engineering; neural models