Modelling, analysis and implementation of cable robotic strategy

Project description

Cable Driven Manipulators (CDMs) are a class of mechanism that is characterised by tension driven actuation.  These mechanisms possess humanlike characteristics in both actuation and mechanism design which suggest a huge potential for the future of the mechanisms in the development of humanoird robots and assisted rehabilitation.  Existing work on CDMs has focused on the creation of new devices particular in industrial settings where only a single platform is required. This project looks to extend that work through the analysis, modelling and subsequent control of anthropomimetic biologically inspired cable robots consistent of multiple rigid links acting as bones and cable actuators taking the role of muscles.

This study combines kinematic and dynamic analysis with the consideration of optimisation based control. Experiments validation of the theoretical control schemes will be conducted in collaboration between the University of Melbourne and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The outcomes of this project have been published in various journal publications and resulted in an Open Source computational tool box for the modelling, design, analysis and control of cable driven parallel manipulator: CASPR (

Project team

Leader: Denny Oetomo

Staff: Ying Tan

Students: Jonathan Eden, Michael Lei

Collaborators: Darwin Lau (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

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