Miniaturised near infrared spectroscopy

Project description

This project’s main objective is to improve the accessibility of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) devices for non-expert end-users. NIRS has the ability to penetrate the surface and traverse the physical structure of an object. It allows for the retrieval of information about the inner composition of a sample in the form of a spectrum, thus enabling accurate and detailed object identification. While NIRS scanners have been used in research laboratories for decades, only recently has the technology matured enough to allow for end-user hardware which is both small and robust enough to be carried around, while still capable of producing reliable results. Furthermore, prices are also expected to continue to decline, which in turn encourages researchers to start considering everyday scenarios for this technology. For the first time this technology can plausibly be placed in the hands of consumers.

Project team

Leader: Jorge Goncalves

Staff: Vassilis Kostakos, Eduardo Velloso

Students: Zhanna Sarsenbayeva

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