Information Security Management

Project description

The information security team researches the management of information security in organisations. Topics of interest include secure knowledge management, security culture, security strategy and decision making, security risk identification and assessment, the impact of generational differences on information security, security policy, security governance, and incident response. 

We are keen to discuss supervision opportunities with High achieving students considering a PhD.  Please Refer to the Web Link below for more information!


Project team

Leader: Atif Ahmad

Staff: Dr Atif Ahmad, Dr Sean Maynard, Dr Shanton Chang, Dr Jeb Webb

Students: Moneer Alshaikh, Craig Horne, Humza Naseer, Carlos Andres Aqudelo Serna, Grant Kruger, Mazino Onibere, Stephanie James, Chee Kong Wong, Adam Davies, Sam Pitruzzello, Anitya Nijhara, Abid Shah, Ritu Lakshmi Kudallur Ramanathan

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Networks and data in society


business information systems; information security; information systems; organisational information systems