Gigabit wireless access using millimeter-wave over optical fiber systems

Project description

Millimeter-wave radio-over-fiber (RoF) systems are widely considered as a disruptive technology for Gigabit/s wireless communications. In these systems, the benefits of optical fiber and mm-wave radio technologies are combined to provide an alternative approach for high-speed wireless access to customers. An optical fiber feeder network is used to interconnect a large number of remote antenna base stations (BSs) to the local Exchange (central office, CO), where most of the switching and signal processing equipment are installed. Usual distances between the CO and the BSs and the BSs and the customers are 5-50 km and 10 -1000 meters respectively. This project explores various system technologies and architectures in simplification of optically modulated millimeter-wave generations, transports and detections that enable Gigabit wireless access potentially at low-costs.

Project team

Leader: Masud Bakaul

Staff: Masud Bakaul, Thas Nirmalathas, Christina Lim, Stan Skafidas

Students: AHM Razibul Islam

Collaborators: Graham Town (Macquarie University)

Sponsors: NICTA (National ICT Australia)

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Research Centre

National ICT Australia (NICTA)


Electrical & Electronic Engineering


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broadband access networks; Internet technologies; nanoelectronics; optical communication systems; wireless communication systems