Catering for individuals’ emotions in technology development

Project description

The long-term research agenda underpinning this project is to produce new methods to emotionally engage people with technology, to design and build software that suits people’s lives and is meaningful as well as practical. This project will contribute to this by building on our previous work linking emotional design with software engineering addressing problems of real societal concerns.  We contribute to software engineering by making new connections with human-centred design to enable users, software engineers, and designers to produce software that better meets people’s emotional needs.

Project team

Leader: Antonette Mendoza

Staff: Antonette Mendoza, Tim Miller, Leon Sterling, Alex Lopez-Lorca, Rachel Burrows

Students: Mohammad Sherkat

Collaborators: Sonja Pedell (Swinburne University of Technology) Regina Sirendi (Tallinn University of Technology)

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information systems; interaction design; software engineering