Aneka: .NET-based Cloud Computing

Project description

ANEKA provides a set of services that make construction and development of Clouds and their applications as easy as possible without sacrificing flexibility, scalability, reliability and extensibility. It is now commercialized through Manjrasoft, a startup company of the University of Melbourne. The key features supported by ANEKA are:

  • A configurable and flexible execution platform (container) enabling:
    • Pluggable services
    • Security implementations: multiple authentication / authorization mechanisms such as role-based security and Windows domain-based authentication
    • Multiple persistence options including RDBMS, SQL Express, MySQL and flat files
  • SDK (Software Development Kit) supporting multiple programming models including:
    • Object oriented thread model,
    • Task model for legacy applications
    • Map Reduce model for data-intensive applications
    • Custom tools such as Design Explorer for parameter sweep studies
  • Easy to use management tool for SLA and QoS negotiation and resource allocation.
  • Cloudbrusting of application tasks across multiple Clouds (e.g., Azure and AWS)

Project team

Leader: Rajkumar Buyya

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Research Centre

Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Laboratory


Computing and Information Systems


Networks and data in society, Optimisation of resources and infrastructure


cloud computing; software engineering