A holistic integrated design approach for building facades incorporating sustainability, security and safety

Project description

This project develops an innovative solution and a holistic integrated design method for a new generation building envelope which can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving load resistance against natural and man made hazards. The new generation building façade system utilises innovative systems and materials that maximise protection for both occupants  and building against extreme loads. This is combined with day-lighting and indoor climate control systems for better life cycle energy performance. The significant challenges in modelling and designing this new generation of safe and energy efficient building façade are comprehensively addressed.

Project team

Leader: Lu Aye

Staff: Lu Aye, Tuan Ngo, Priyan Mendis, Cuong Nguyen

Students: Dan Wu, Quynh Nguyen, Chao Ding

Collaborators: Bijan Samali (University of Technology Sydney), Mark Bradford (University of New South Wales), Marc Zobec (Permasteelisa Group), Bert van de Linde (Permasteelisa Group), Henk de Bleecker (Permasteelisa Group), Guido Lori (Permasteelisa Group), Danijel Mocibob (Permasteelisa Group), Alan Tomasi (Permasteelisa Group)

Sponsors: Australian Research Council, Permasteelisa Group

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civil engineering; energy efficiency; infrastructure protection; Solar energy; urban and built environment