Research Themes

We conduct world-leading research focusing on problems of global importance. Explore our key research themes.

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Major Research Projects

Find out about our major research projects which demonstrate the breadth of research currently underway across our engineering and IT disciplines.

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PhD and MPhil

Explore your graduate research options and investigate scholarship opportunities at Australia's leading engineering and IT school.

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Centres & Labs

We are home to major research centres and labs conducting groundbreaking cross-disciplinary research, from cloud computing to carbon capture and storage.

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Your Gateway to Research at MSE

The Melbourne School of Engineering is an international leader in Engineering and IT research. Our goal is research for the benefit of humanity.

We are home to large scale research consortia such as Bionic Vision Australia. We have close, ongoing partnerships with IBM, Bell Labs/Alcatel Lucent and Ford and work at project level with many more private and public sector organisations in Australia and internationally. Measured on research income we are one of the largest engineering research institutions in Australia. We have a research staff of 288 with 490 graduate research students based in six major disciplines/departments and working across four interdisciplinary research themes.