Creating a better world through Engineering and IT

The Melbourne School of Engineering (MSE) is an international leader in Engineering and IT research. Our aim is to help create a better world by devising technological solutions to significant problems.

We undertake interdisciplinary research in three key domains:

  • Optimisation of resources and infrastructure
  • Convergence of engineering and IT with the life sciences
  • Networks and data in society

Research within each of these areas is undertaken by multidisciplinary teams from across the School and University, in collaboration with academic and industry partners.

We aim to make a difference through innovative research into areas such as water resource management, clean energy, disaster management, climate change, safer and more efficient transport, bionic vision, cancer treatment, epilepsy suppression, food processing, automated interpretation of data, personalised medicine, and smart grids.

Our research domains align closely with the University of Melbourne’s three Grand Challenges of research, with a particular focus on fostering health and wellbeing and on supporting sustainability and resilience.

Measured on research income, we are one of the largest engineering research institutions in Australia. We are home to large-scale research consortia such as the Centre for Neural Engineering, the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety and the Melbourne Networked Society Institute. We have close, ongoing partnerships with IBM Research, Alcatel Lucent, the Peter Cook Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage, Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd, Microsoft, Rio Tinto and Ford, and we work at project level with many more private and public sector organisations in Australia and internationally.

We have some of Australia’s most distinguished research and academic staff in the fields of engineering and IT, including a Prime Minister’s Prize Winner, Fellows of the Royal Society, an Australian Research Council Laureate and Future Fellows, and Eureka Prize winners.

Research contacts

Associate Dean Research

Doreen Thomas
T: +61 3 834 46663

Commercial Manager (Research)

Ash Ravikumar
T: +61 3 834 41292

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