MetaCDN grows your business, not your infrastructure

MetaCDN is a cloud-based content delivery network (CDN) delivered as an on-demand service.

Content Delivery Networks first emerged in 1998 to improve the distribution of videos, movies, music, software, news, public information and other media-rich content quickly and with high reliability. Internet providers of on-line gaming, communication and social networking depend upon high speed and low delay for end-users anywhere in the world, to give their web sites a competitive advantage. Popular web sites often suffer congestion, bottlenecks and even lengthy downtime due to large demands made by end users. For example, unexpected “flash crowds” can overwhelm a web site, stretching response times to minutes and even causing complete loss of service. End users are notoriously fickle in storing and retrieving Internet content. Studies have shown that end-users will wait as little as 10 seconds for a web page to load before aborting their requests and moving to a different website. Financial impacts include loss of customers, sales and advertising revenue.

MetaCDN delivers a cloud-based content delivery network (CDN), which harnesses widely available cloud storage networks provided by Amazon S3 & CloudFront, Windows Azure, Rackspace Cloud Files and Nirvanix SDN. MetaCDN utilises thousands of high reliability servers in over seventy locations around the world, seamlessly integrating these into a single service with a level of availability that no other provider can aspire to. If one of the servers fails, end-users are automatically redirected to another server containing a copy of the desired information. MetaCDN also provides extensive reporting, billing and optimisation routines for customers to enable them to control and fine-tune their usage and costs.

MetaCDN Pty Ltd, a start-up operating out of the Melbourne School of Engineering’s Department of Computing and Information Systems, is led by project chief and Australian Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr James Broberg:

We received a Skills and Knowledge grant last year from Commercialisation Australia (CA) to develop the business case and go-to-market strategy to make us investment ready.The CA grant and associated business development work was instrumental in enabling us to secure investment into MetaCDN Pty Ltd.

According to Dr Broberg, the emergence of cloud storage providers has motivated the project by offering almost unlimited storage on a pay per use basis:

You pay for what you store and for the data that moves in and out of the system, said Dr Broberg. There are some pretty big cost savings to be had if you’re moving upwards of 250,000 gigabytes of data per month. On average, using a traditional CDN, you’re looking at upwards of nearly $US 80,000 a month but if you’re doing the same with Amazon S3 you’re looking at around $US30,000. That’s quite a big cost saving.

Visit the MetaCDN website.

In the last couple of years we have seen the emergence of cloud storage providers and they’ve really motivated this project. They’re potentially providing almost unlimited storage and it’s on a pay per use basis — you pay for what you store, you pay for the data that moves in and out of the system. There are some pretty big cost savings to be had if you’re moving upwards of 250TB of data per month.

Dr James Broberg