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The Melbourne School of Engineering is a hub of innovation and invention.

In partnership with the University of Melbourne’s technology commercialisation company UoM Commercial Ltd, the School has developed a valuable portfolio of successfully commercialised technologies and spin-out companies. The School is keen to partner with industry investors who have an eye for research-based intellectual property development. Similarly, the School has an active IP licensing program that has delivered commercial value to its industry partners.

Optical OFD Multiplexing – rapid acceleration of the next generation of optical networking

Optical OFDAs internet traffic continues to grow at a rapid pace, 100 Gb/s Ethernet is being considered as the new generation transport standard for IP networks. In line with this growth, we have also witnessed a dramatic increase of interest in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) from the optical communication community in recent years. OFDM allows optical networks to operate at 100 Gbit/s and beyond via simple and cost-effective upgrades to existing networks.

Professor Bill Shieh from the Melbourne School of Engineering’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a leading researcher and inventor in the field of next-generation optical networking. His ground-breaking technology, Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (Optical-OFDM) modulation, is the subject of 5 patent applications with the primary application being long-haul optical networks between capital cities. With Professor Shieh’s CO-OFDM technology, the transmission of a 107 Gb/s signal over 1000 km has been realized using only standard single mode fibre. Optical-OFDM is also ideal for green-field optical network deployments. By way of comparison, existing networks operate at 40Gbit/s, and existing modulation techniques are either not ideal or not currently workable at speeds faster than this.

In early 2011, Professor Shieh’s CO-OFDM technology was assigned to Ofidium Pty Ltd, a Melbourne based start-up funded by the venture capital firm, Starfish Ventures and funding from Commercialisation Australia. The deal was brokered by the University’s UoM Commercial Ltd.

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