The growth of the Internet as a critical infrastructure platform has also created an environment where our online services in government, telecommunications and e-commerce can become vulnerable to attacks.  Our research in cybersecurity, control systems and big data analytics is world leading, addressing challenges, such as how to monitor complex systems and defend our critical infrastructure against cyberattacks.

Case study: Cyber attack maps to underpin better strategic responses

Research Program Leader:
Professor Chris Leckie,
T: +61 3 83441413,

ARC Industrial Transformation Research Program

Is data privacy and cyber security an issue for your company?

The University of Melbourne invites companies to join our proposal on Advanced Privacy and Cyber Security to the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Program in late 2018.

Our research programs will focus on the use of machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques for security monitoring, incident response and risk assessment.

If your company needs solutions in these areas join us and other companies with similar needs – we already have research agreements with a range of companies including NBN Co.

The benefits of participating in the program include:

World class research:

Your company will have access to a multi-institutional team of world leading researchers to work on issues affecting your business, world class research facilities and industry-ready, post-graduate students at the University of Melbourne.

Leveraged investment:

The ARC will leverage your company’s investment up to three times its value (if meeting the ARC cash:in-kind ratio). Also, your investment will have potential offsets via the government’s R&D Tax Incentive.

If you’re interested, please contact Professor Chris Leckie, School of Computing and Information Systems, The University of Melbourne.

Professor Chris Leckie,
T: +61 3 83441413,