At Australia’s no 1 engineering and technology school you will learn from the top researchers in information technology.

Why choose Information Technology at Melbourne

Access to real-world industry and research projects will provide you with the problem-solving and team work skills crucial to a successful career in industry.

Our professional Master of Engineering program is the first graduate program in Australia to be accredited by bodies such as the Australian Computer Society, Engineers Australia and EUR-ACE®, enabling graduates of some courses to practice as information technology experts in Australia, Europe, the US, Singapore, Japan and more.

Information Technology is revolutionising our society, from business and health, to manufacturing and entertainment. IT underlies scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs, helps develop innovative new products and services, and is central to many aspects of modern life.

We offer world-class graduate courses in computer science, data science, software engineering, informatics, information systems, distributed computing, spatial information and health IT.

Courses in Information Technology

How to study Information Technology at Melbourne

There are a variety of ways you can study IT at Melbourne at an undergraduate or graduate level. IT majors are available in the Bachelor of Science (Computing & Software Systems, Informatics, Spatial Systems) and the Bachelor of Design (Computing, Digital Technologies, Spatial Systems).

IT can also be studied as breadth within any Melbourne degree. You can also undertake the concurrent Diploma of Informatics alongside your undergraduate degree.

Our undergraduate majors offer pathways to a number of IT graduate courses.

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Information Technology Research

We conduct world leading research in information technology, delivering impact in the three key areas of data and knowledge, platforms and systems, and people and organisations.

Digital innovation enables modern life, and has the power to provide insights into solving a broad range of societal problems. Ever-increasing quantities of data, of diverse types and complexity, are being generated.

We need strategies for managing and organising this data, leveraging it for predictive purposes, and exploring its impact on human society.

With a critical mass of researchers in this field, our research encompasses the full data science stack from cloud computing and databases for managing large datasets, to machine learning, data mining and natural language processing, for delivering actionable insights in applications ranging from security, privacy, social media analysis, data infrastructures, transport, enterprise systems, and health.

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Your career opportunities in Information Technology

Our IT graduates are in high demand in Australia and globally.

An IT course at Melbourne will equip you to work in a wide range of settings, from your own startup company to multinational corporations, from government to not-for-profits or the health sector.

Learn how to create software and information systems, unlock the meaning and value of data and information, or shape the future of how people and technology interact.

The Student Experience

Master of Information Systems graduate Neha Soni discusses her career at Deloitte.

information-systems-alumni-neha-soni from Melbourne School of Engineering on Vimeo.