Programming Challenge for Girls (PC4G)

Introduce your Year 9 female students to computer programming with our interactive PC4G workshops, held on the University of Melbourne campus in Parkville.

If you are not participating in the PC4G events held at the University of Melbourne, visit the PC4G website to find information for other challenge locations. If you are an educator or a teacher and would like to organise your own PC4G events, we offer the curriculum materials for you to do that.

The University of Melbourne Challenge

Participate in 3 x 2 hour workshops, where students try out coding in an approachable, fun, challenging and educational environment through the program ALICE.

These sessions have been designed to support students in using ALICE, where they create animations, build interactive narratives and program simple games in 3D. This program encourages learning through creative exploration, and no prior coding experience is required.

At the end of the school year, these students are invited to compete in the PC4G finale, where they put their coding skills to the test in the final competition.

2018 dates

PC4G Intro Sessions ALICE

  • 9.30–11:30am Thursday 15 February
  • 9.30–11:30am Thursday 14 June
  • 9.30–11:30am Wednesday 31 October

PC4G Finale

  • 9.00am–2.30pm Tuesday 27 November


Schools can register up to two students to form a team. The first 30 teams to register will compete.

Registrations for the Tuesday 27 November PC4G Finale are now open.


2019 dates

PC4G Intro Sessions ALICE

  • Thursday 21 February
  • Thursday 13 June
  • Wednesday 30 October

PC4G Finale

  • Tuesday 26 November


View a photo gallery of the 2019 finale

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