Hands On Engineering and IT


Introduce your Year 10 students to engineering and technology concepts and issues through our interactive workshops, held on campus.

2018 dates

Hands On workshops are run during Victorian school holidays. The next upcoming workshops will be held:

  • Tuesday 25 September
  • Thursday 27 September

Example program

This example program is subject to change and is an indication only of what to expect. We aim to include a mix of Engineering and IT workshops.


A quick welcome along and a run-through of the program for the day. 

Presentation: What types of engineering are there?  Jacqui Hoare

Workshop 1

Crypto Workshop: Harald Sondergaard

Stolen data, fake news, malicious phishing attacks. It’s a cyber jungle out there. How can you trust anyone on the internet? We give a brief introduction to crypto, trust and authentication in the cyber world. We’ll ask questions like “How can you prevent snooping?”, “How can you know that an email message came from whoever it says it came from?”, “How can you play games or make deals on the internet and prove that you are honest and playing fair?» We’ll demonstrate some cryptographic principles and protocols and get you to play some of them out.

A short break
Workshop 2

App Inventor: Greg Wadley, Computing and Information Systems.

Learn to use MIT’s App Inventor to learn the fundamentals of software development by creating a phone app that YOU design. The app will work on any Android phone, and you can keep working on it when you get back to school or home.


Pizza lunch with MUR Motor sports team and the Virtual Reality Car as well as a demonstration of the CAREN — Computer Assisted Rehabilitation

Workshop 3

Group 2: Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Clean Water

This module involves the issue of access to clean drinking water in places like Cambodia, East Timor, and Nepal. Students break into groups representing a ‘country’. Each country needs to buy the materials to build a functioning basic water filter. They will become aware of impact of education, economic disadvantage, and inaccessible technology in developing countries.


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Enquiries and bookings

Parents and students

Please let a teacher at your school know you would like to attend. The teacher will then need to nominate the student to us.


Email our Recruitment Coordinator: schoolsengagement-engit@unimelb.edu.au

Student walking in virtual landscape
Group of students with a racing car


Teachers can select a maximum of two students to attend one of the two available days.

Registrations for the September workshops open in August.


View a photo gallery of the April 2018 event

Two students working on a car engine
Group of students working working with a robot