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Schools and departments

At the Melbourne School of Engineering (MSE), we recognise that multiple skill sets are needed to drive technological innovation.

To maximise interdisciplinary cross collaboration and research synergy, departments within the Melbourne School of Engineering (MSE) are organised into three overarching schools.

The MSE schools are designed as portals to drive the cross-fertilisation of ideas, skills and vision among students, researchers and industry partners. The schools also recognise the importance of training graduate students who are job ready.

Our strong partnerships with industry are fundamental to this. Together with academia, government and leading industry names, our projects engage students in real world, problem-based learning.

This includes the experience of conducting cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research that addresses society’s critical problems. This ensures that qualifications from the MSE Schools are both distinguishable and distinguished.

School of Computing and Information Systems (CIS)

School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (CBE)

School of Electrical, Mechanical and Infrastructure Engineering (EMI)

Research centres and institutes